Be curious and uncover the real you

If I said to you, interrupt your thoughts, your internal dialogue – do you know what I mean? We all have an automatic pilot running in our heads, an annoying inner dialogue that when left unchecked can literally dictate how we feel, behave, think and therefore experience the world. The chatter is normally negative, critical and limiting. Statements like ‘you can’t do that because of that’ for example, the ‘you’re not good enoughs’.

We all suffer this. But we can choose whether to automatically believe it!

Take one of your leading negative thoughts. Really allowing it in and hold on to it. Once you have given yourself permission to really feel that thought about yourself, now question it…

  • Is it true?
  • Where has this come from?
  • Why I am choosing to believe this?
  • What does this look/feel like if I turn it around; ‘I can do this because…’ for instance?

This is a simple, playful way to interrupt your thinking patterns which are possibly so ingrained that they are now beliefs. Self-limiting beliefs that you are basing your next step on…By being curious about yourself, you get to understand your motives, patterns and retrospect of previous situations AND therefore putting you in the driving seat of your next choice!

Yes, you can choose every thought, word, action, dream, goal, desire – they’re all yours!

Why settle for the quagmire of doubts and limits? It’s never too late to change your mind and it is easier when you step in playfully with a childlike curiosity. It takes the sting out, making it easier not to take it personally. The reality is – it doesn’t mean anything anyway, not really. It’s not happening right now, it’s just a thought, therefore it is not real! Let that truth resonate for a moment…

So fellow human traveller of the self – be curious about yourself.

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