“…It’s like looking for truffles in dog shit”!

(quote from my friend A.J Smith)

It was said lightly and in a jovial manner whilst being given a Tinder update. I won’t lie, I belly laughed out loud… The irony is though we both truly do see the beauty in everything and everyone.


We’re all guilty of it. You have a mind, which means you also have the knee-jerking response of being judgemental. It’s part of our human condition. Look at how judgemental we are with ourselves and we really can suffer with it!

But you don’t have to run with the judgment, albeit on yourself or another. Just because the mind comes up with criticism or judgmental thoughts, you still have intelligent choice and compassion of heart to ignore it or adapt it.

The mechanics of the mind

There’s another more commonly known saying, shit sticks. It’s true. Look at how the mind loves a negative thought to bash you about the head with. Guess what though, you don’t have to believe that either. That’s also a choice!

Do you believe every advert that comes on the TV?

No, I didn’t think you did. So case in point, you can exercise the same with your thoughts. Just because you have them, doesn’t make ‘em real or true!

So dear reader, may I warmly invite you to look once, allowing what comes up to come up. Then look again, but this time use your beautification filter… How do you see it now?

Everything and everyone has beauty. Be open to look for it and there you will find yours…




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