Sheeple People

Don’t be sheeple people! It’s kinda funny that most of us have an innate feeling to ‘fit in’. But is it truly comfortable to conform to the norm? Is it because we want to be accepted? And yet, if we’re looking for acceptance, are ‘they’ too? Are the people we want acceptance from, also wanting you to accept them. What a conundrum!

Are you playing it safe?

Finding yourself adapting to media, fashion, advertising, family, friends, politics, gender conditioning… Rather than stepping out and really showing up to who you truly are, simply being authentically you? Yeah, it does take a bit of balls, until it doesn’t.

Let me share with you what was a secret, until right now…

This is my third draft of a coaching website! I am so passionate about what I do, that years ago on my first site I totally played it safe. I conformed to an image and terminology thinking it was the way for me to be professionally successful at what I do. I tried to fit in with the coaching norm to look and sound like other coaching sites. In truth, that there, I wasn’t being entirely authentic! I was fearful that my authenticity, which is not conventional would not be accepted professionally. But only in the comparing of myself to others, otherwise, I’m good to go!

If I keep my beak out of what will they think of me, I’m great! Now, as you can see I shoot from the hip but with an arrow of lurve… See what nonsense it is? It makes no sense! No sense at all to try and be someone you are not. This is your life and your sole (soul) experience of this life! If you are worried about what people think of you, know that they are worried about what you think of them. Show them how to be deliciously real, full on, ballsy, tenaciously, firing on all cylinders real. We lead by demonstration, not lip service.

Own it like a boss! 




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