Feel Free

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Imagine Feeling Free. Complete Freedom.

To feel free. Unencumbered by negative feeling or thought. Whether you are waiting to be relieved of a situation, back in control, loved; whatever it is, ultimately the end feeling is happiness once you boil it down to its roots. But, rather than waiting for something ‘good’ to happen. Can you feel happy now, anyway?

Let’s look at that… 

Do you realise that you were born happy? That it is your natural, birthright state? You are already happy! To substantiate that statement – right now, remember being happy. Seriously, take a moment now and remember being happy… 

There it is! Did you for a moment feel your happiness? Even if it was a glimmer? It’s always there, you just need to remember it. Remember; Re-associate!

Invariably what happens, our happiness gets covered up with stories of ‘seemingly’ not being happy. I don’t like my job; I don’t have enough money; I’m worried about…For some reason, we automatically believe the story of not being happy, and furthermore that we must wait until the story changes before we can feel happiness. 

The mind is so beguiling. First of all, It snares and entraps us into believing its stories, which are always negative, unhappy and fear-based. When a thought is fed with breakfast lunch & dinner of ‘I feel unhappy because of this and that is happening TO me’, it literally becomes a parasite. Feeding and growing through emotional investment; the thought becomes a story and a fully-fledged ‘thought-form’. As we would tell any child, ‘of course there are no real monsters under the bed’, we can re-mind ourselves that there are no real monsters in the head!

Ok, so now what? 

Rather than waiting until the story changes to that single outcome that you attached to the story before you can feel happy –  instead you can choose to practice the feeling that you are waiting for right now. Act as if.

You have a choice here, which at least puts you back in the driving seat. Where do you want to put your energy? Do you want to continue feeling unhappy, out of control, and waiting? Or do you want to transform the situation, which you can do by changing the way you think about it, and respond to it?  ‘I will be happy when I have more money, because…’. Can you see that places the response-ablelity of happiness onto the situation? That’s being out of control! Equally, you can stop for a moment and see that ‘right now, I have everything I need. In this moment, I have a roof over my head, food in my belly, I am loved, I am functioning, I can choose!’.

You are response-able

You are ‘able’ to choose your responses to any given situation. It’s not about the story, it’s about what you do with it. How you are within it. Clearly, if you are reading this, you have a line of enquiry. Therefore, you are willing to explore your own personal development – spiritual growth even. So, once you understand these mechanics and integrate them, it enables you to respond intelligently and consciously. This is empowerment, this is freedom. To understand the mechanics is one-half. It’s the bit that pleases the mind; to understand is what the mind does, and wants.  

Now for the other half, I invite you to get into your body…Feel your love. Feel your passion. Feel free. Remember how you feel when you get a gut feeling when you get a bolt of intuition or inspiration. Like happiness, you are born these impulses: truth, love, passion, integrity and intelligence, all felt in and by the body.

Welcome to your guidance system

When you connect with and move from your Guidance System, you are using your innate intelligence. This intelligence is very different from an intelligent concept. Feel the difference in the dynamics of the words. Be intelligent. Have an intellectual idea. Two very different directions, one in the body, the other in the mind. The most powerful and truthful intelligence is driven by the body.

Trust your instinct, maturity and discernment. Lean on love, integrity and truth. From this place, choose the better feeling thoughts to propel you towards happiness – your natural state. No matter how ‘seemingly’ overwhelming, unsolvable, or difficult the original story seems – life is in charge. You are not! How could you possibly work it all out? You can only have an idea of how. You could never know and hold all the permutations of possibility. Life does that. It’s not your job to work out how. That is where the mind fooled you and got your ego involved, ‘Only I can sort this out, it’s all about me’. And here is when you might take the apparent situation very personally.

Please know that this is not a slight on you. This is a human condition which we all suffer with – until the mechanics of how the mind work is understood. Then an intelligent choice can be made. 

Use your Guidance System, and the rest will unfold

The quicker you move out of the way of what you THINK is happening and let life in, you can accelerate the process of change, hence allowing any and every possibility to unfold. You are life in action. You are alive. You and life are one and the same. Life will never go against you, it is not out to hurt you. Life doesn’t ‘do it to you’. Mostly, we do it to ourselves! Wherever there is darkness, there is light. One cannot exist without the other. For that reason, it is our job though to look for the light. This is how we grow, mature, become discerning and evolve. This is how we shine our light.

Integrate the information & feel free

What was the story you had running? Now, extract yourself of what you THINK is happening, and GET INTO YOUR BODY to look at it again: Is what I’ve been thinking, this thought/story and situation the truth? Please note any physical change when you ask yourself the specific question – Is that the truth? Most noteworthy, if the answer is ‘I don’t know’ – then already, it’s not true! Given that we naturally move towards what feels good, and repelled by what doesn’t – Is what you’ve been thinking feeling good/helpful or beneficial?

Do you NEED to think the thought, or believe the story? If the automatic response was to panic and head towards what doesn’t feel good, which has been the habit – OK, no problem: Am I willing to see the situation differently? When it doesn’t feel good, of course, you are.


What is the better feeling thought can I choose to think, say or feel about the situation? How can I act as if? This is now the practice. I promise you it works. You have probably spent most of your years on an automatic pilot without realising that it can be done differently. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know. But now you do. Take the time and invest in re-minding, reprogramming and rewiring your synapses. If you find yourself caught up in a thoughtform, immediately ask it – is this the truth? That instant spotlight upon it will automatically dis-empower it. Also, ask your body – put your hand on your heart or stomach if that helps to move your awareness – and invite an answer from your Intelligent Guidance System. Consequently, the answer will come from truth, and there is nothing more powerful to guide you.

Be Free. Feel Free. You Were Born Free!




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