We have all been caught in the trap of thoughts and over thinking. Wood – trees – can’t see…

Stop thinking, start living! When something gets in and bothers the mind thoughts related to that scenario unbeknownst to us can literally become parasitical thought-forms. Essentially, negative thoughts that incessantly tap away, diverting attention and focus into a realm of, basically, catastrophic fantasy. Left undealt with these thought-forms engage feelings and emotions, and before you know it, you’ve ended up virtually acting out and feeling something that doesn’t exist, only inside the mind. Bonkers really isn’t it! Yet we all do it… This is a powerful energetic investment which is a fear-based, but completely debilitating and disempowering. So…

Take action

You don’t have to believe the story. Stop thinking, start living!

Look at it, is it true? This action can kick-start the process of changing your mind. Plus, it’s a mind soother because it seeks to understand, which is what the mind does. This begins to feel better and you’re taking your power back! Where attention goes energy flows… This awareness creates choice.

Just by allowing yourself to be willing to look at it intelligently, rather than emotionally will already change the dynamic of whatever it is. Basically, this enables the thought/ belief/perspective to loosen up for examination and exploration. A good time to go a step further and connect with someone who can help you. Just know that you are not on your own, there is encouragement and support available. Contact me for a no-cost consultation and let’s go exploring together.




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